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How It Works
Learn how Western Pennsylvania homeowners partner with Build A Home to potentially save tens of thousands of dollars on the construction of their new custom home.
Homebuilding is just like any other important task: it takes determination, organization and the right people doing quality work.
Build A Home has pioneered a process where we provide you with all the tools you need to build your custom luxury home:
After one meeting with our team, you’ll understand that managing the construction of your home is practical, possible and best of all, something almost anyone can do. We’ll show you how.
We offer three levels of involvement:
You manage the construction process of your home with our guidance. You aren't swinging a hammer - you're hiring the right people to do the job. This level has the greatest savings.   Realize savings by choosing what parts of the construction process you wish to manage. Perhaps you have a family member who is an electrician who can offer their services, but other parts of the process do not appeal to you.   At this level, our Build A Home site supervisor will completely guide the construction process. Your involvement beyond selecting interior finishes and other details will be minimal. You can relax knowing an experience and qualified team of home building experts will make your dream home a reality.
Once you decide what level of involvement you would like to have in the home construction process,
we will guide you with:
Your savings increase as you assume management responsibility for your new home’s construction. We’ll provide you with an easy-to-follow building schedule, building steps, list of suppliers, list of sub-contractors and an itemized budget. Because you hold the checkbook, you can be assured that every dollar will go to the exact place you wish it to—no exceptions. This means you can bid jobs for the best value and search online or in stores for your home’s fixtures. There are no kickbacks or middlemen marking up your purchases.
Each Build A Home homeowner is provided a copy of our helpful ebook Build A Home: Step by Step Guide to help guide them in the construction process. An onsite supervisor is also provided for homeowners to call with questions or concerns in-between the supervisor’s visits to the site.
Build A Home makes the traditional general contractor model obsolete because we show you how to manage your homebuilding process. We’ll work together to guide you in building a top-quality, luxury home for tens of thousands of dollars less.
All funds are held by the homeowner. That means you are free to select the contractor who gives you the best bid and the best value. When it comes to selecting materials or finishes, you make the decisions. No worry about kickbacks or markups—what you choose for the home is your decision, designed to fit your budget.
Your custom home is closer than ever with Build A Home. We partner with homeowners who want to save on building their new homes by helping them manage the construction process.
Building a home isn’t a magical process—it’s a step-by-step project that an organized and determined person can do, even with no building experience.
  • Save tens of thousands of dollars by acting as your own construction manager
  • Build a completely custom home, down to the smallest unique detail
  • Move in with little to no money down because of our unique partnership with US Mortgage Network
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